Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Post Election

The election was on November 8, and it is now November 20, 12 days later.  Sadly, the Democratic party had some organization to begin protests that have lasted longer than  necessary, and have proved to be very annoying and irritating to the electoral process.  An ad promising to cause trouble at the January 20 inauguration was viewed last night. I should check to see if it is on youtube and put it on here. I may  do that.

At any rate, the transition is taking place with Donald Trump int3erviewing and selecting cabinet members.  So far, he has announced his security team.  The weekend talk shows have talked it to death.

Barack Obama is in Peru where a group of world leaders are meeting.  He and Putin had a frosty handshake  it is said.  Putin is friendly towards Trump and apparently, Obama is not happy about that.

I am not quite as interested in the ongoing process as some are. It makes me no difference who The Donald appoints for his cabinet.  It is his term of office, and he will succeed as long as he is comfortable with the men and women he chooses, no matter who they may be.  He is who has to deal with them everyday.

I still continue to tweet comments to him. I did today recommend Laura Ingraham for Press Secretary.  She is also high energy and enthusiasm besides being a really tough cookie.  So she might be easy on the eyes for the men to hear out, and that would be quite a change to say the least.

I am curious about who will be Secretary of State.  That is the job that Hillary Clinton used as her path to the White House.  I just will not discuss Mrs. Clinton right now.  It is too early for me to comment without some salty flavor.

I am not sure what kind of President Donald Trump will become. He is still using Twitter to complain about SNL skits on Saturday Night, and was put off by the cast member of Hamilton who called out to Mike Pence.  SNL insulted Donald big time, but it was so opposite of the truth that it could not be taken as anything but a total lie.  So he should have shrugged it off, and simply said, if that is all the better that you can do, that is your problem, not mine.

It is silly to worry about social satire except that it does sometimes prove who is friend or foe if you want to test that out.

Some truths may have come out in some ways.  The programming of CNN was parodied in a way that showed that it is all a scripted programming when their groups get together to discuss the election or now the aftermath of the election.

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