Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Computer Check

I had to go to Apple yesterday to get my computer free of bad stuff that was popping up on it. I was getting popups all the time telling me that I needed to rid myself of viruses and other bad stuff.  Michael from Arkansas was my Apple team member who helped me to clean the computer. I did forget to tell him about one thing which means I may have to make another trip to the Apple store soon enough.

Michael was nice, reassured me that I do not need a new computer, and that my computer is now clean and working fine.  Except for that one thing I forgot to ask him about...I will have to see if that problem does show up again on here. It has to do with videos.

So that means I can get back to writing and rewriting my book on Alexander. I have to finish reading it since I started it awhile back.  I need to rebuild my enthusiasm for the project.  But with the computer now back to normal I am going to get to work on it.

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