Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Friday, February 14, 2020

Hallelujah! I can still connect with this blog. Thank goodness. I usually use laptop but am on iPad.

I just read two entries I had written for my Alexander that fortunately I had shared on Facebook. I had tried to find those for years but until today I could not find them. Finally, I have them back again.

The point is that when one begins a return to a different age, one leaves this one. And believe it, things just come tumbling out through my fingertips. My mind usually goes faster than I can type so sometimes I skip words. I have to reread back to see where I had been to edit and correct.

So I had decided against spending time on Alexander once I received an insight into who Parmenio and Philotas are today. Granted, this is all a belief system. I came to believe I had been Alexander yesterday. I relived so much of my life then to know myself well. It has helped to understand many things about myself. But when I could write about Philitas it came  to me that it sounds a lot like very close friends in Michigan who I have known for years. I know knowledge of this would mean nothing to them. It is always hard for anyone to believe that we must live multiple times on this harsh, cruel planet.  I know they have no idea of these important people to me or even to them, and realized how fortunate we are to be in this time period, enjoying this life with total ignorance of former times and experiences.

So I put Alexander aside for awhile until tonight. I must finish this book and get it out soon.

Friday, October 4, 2019

UFO on History Channel

Last evening I found myself watching a show on History Channel about UFO's case studies.  All the reports to MUFON are kept and studied, put into a simulated status for video, and thus, made into an hour or in this case, two hour show for History Channel.

My interest in UFO's is as old as when I was a teenager walking down the street with my then best friend going to her parent's restaurant and motel.  We were headed north when we spotted a fast moving silver object in the sky to watch it travel from west to east many miles ahead of us.  We were very excited to think what it could be.  There are no airline flights in that area so far as we knew, and so it was unusual to see anything flying in the air in front of us. We kept our eyes on it until we reached the restaurant, whereupon I took my eyes off it for an instant but then it was gone.  Neither of us has forgotten it, but we had no idea what it was.  It went so fast that we could not believe that it was an ordinary aircraft.  Perhaps it had been, but we did not report this to anyone or discuss it but kept it between ourselves.  It is one of those experiences that one keeps in one's internal memory.

However, this friend and I were obsessed with the space age to the point that we wanted to build our own space ship.  We got as far as my buying cheese cloth and she buying a seat belt  for our makeshift spaceship.  It  got no further than that, but we keep the memory alive even yet this many years later.

So many years later, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I was sitting poolside at the motel where I was staying with  a neighbor when we spotted at 11:00 in the evening a green light streaking across the sky in front of us.  We marveled about it, wondering what it could be, and later, even the local newspaper did mention it, making a time that did not coincide with ours, but nonetheless reported that people had seen it streak across the sky. The consensus is that it was space junk burning itself out.  Nobody ever did know exactly what it was.

A year later, in fact, in October, 1975, my mother and I are driving from Grand
Blanc, MI. to Fenton, Mi. to go to a restaurant to get a bite to eat for supper. My father was in the hospital at the time getting attention for his cancerous bladder.  While driving down a major highway, I saw a speck  of black in the upper righthand side of my windshield, and just as I looked at it, it zoomed up into a full-size floating object directly ahead of us.  Cars are driving past us on I-75 but I decided to stop the car to take a look at it. We sat on the rim of the highway, staring up at this floating gyroscopic object hovering above us.  Distance and size are difficult to measure at this point. It has always reminded me of a water tower in description, and a bit of a resemblance to a Sunoco sign which we later saw as we drove to the restaurant.  It was totally gray, no lights of any kind since it was between 5 and 6 o'clock at night.  After I stopped to watch it, and it hovered above us, it then began to descend so that we could see some idea of how far away from us it was.  It did descend and then turned into an elongated shape, or cigar shape,  since we were looking at it no longer directly but at its side as it descended. I started the car back up since I knew we could not get close to it but just had to drive on to our destination.  We did not know what to make of it.  I was suspicious of a hoax as I had recently seen a t.v. show on Our Favorite Martian  in which a hoax had been perpetrated, but gradually we began to believe we had actually seen a real flying saucer as we called them in that time period.

It took me a long time to take it seriously, but since Jerry Ford had encouraged people to report sightings since many had been seen in the state, I finally did report it.  I wrote a letter to the editor about it as well for the local newspaper.  The Detroit News had been reporting incidents as well, so I finally wrote a report to Alan Hynek, a UFO authority and investigator, using President Ford's advice, and following the instructions for a report.

Ir is one of those things that one never forgets.  I did not think it was harmful or even dangerous, except for the fact that we were on a busy highway at the time, and I considered the fact that it could and in fact did affect my driving.  I had to stop to sit on the side of the road to watch it.  It was mesmerizing to watch.  It is so huge that it filled the entire windshield when it sped so quickly upon us, like an umbrella opining up.  It had been a tiny speck.  What intrigued me about the program on UFO's is that they did mention that when sighted, some UFO's seemed to stalk or chase the people in the car.  I found that when detected is when it zoomed up to hover above us.

We both drew sketches of it when we got back to my apartment.  We talked about nothing else for the rest of the evening. We did not know what to do or to whom to report it.  I realize now that to dismiss such sightings as easily as most people do is a mistake.  I did realize that it had some impact on my car.  The stories around that car are just as intriguing as is the sighting itself, but I am not going to dwell on that on the moment, but to say that it did affect the ignition when I made a trip to
Washington, DC months later.  It was the strangest trip I ever made.

Just always remember one sign I saw in that time period which is a quote from Ben Franklin: a small leak can sink a mighty ship.  Springfield, VA.

I believe many things about the UFO now.  I have had many experiences which I attribute to the UFO. I am certain that the intelligence within it is able to communicate with its viewers. In other words, I believe it has maintained communication with me.  I will illustrate with one incident that I know for certain proved it to me.  While riding on a bus in California going to Los Alamitos one time, I received a thought that said, I can stop this bus when I choose.  I just listened to this voice telling me this.  Sure enough, the bus had to stop to let all the passengers out.  For some reason or other, it could not carry us to our destination.  I believe that the voice within is what caused the bus to stop.  I never forget that incident either.  There have been other such incidents that expose its power to me.  I credit it with many incidents that involve inexplicable events.  Telekinesis is the ability to move objects at will.  I am convinced that these ufo experiences include telekinesis.

The History Channel's show prompted this explanation again.  It is truly life changing as the narrator explained.  I have always believed that the real reason to share and tell is to help others to know what to do if and when they have such an experience as this.  I did not know what to do, despite having seen advice to always carry a camera and to be ready to see it.  Had I had a camera, I do not think I would have been quick enough to use it since I was so taken in by just watching it.  It catches one off guard when it is that near and brief.

Since then I have witnessed other strange objects in the skies here in Arizona.  Lights racing around in clouds at night caught my interest years ago.  But that is another story for a different post.  I am convinced that lights in the sky here in AZ are also evidence of life in the skies unlike any that we know on earth.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Continuation of a post on the God concept

I just reread a few recent posts that I had written a while back.  I must update now while I am thinking about it.  I mentioned an ailment that I had been having.  I will be quite specific in this post so as to explain the connections in all of this.

The ailment which I mentioned caused me to google some diseases, and one that seemed to match symptoms i had had was West Niles Virus.  At first, I almost concluded that I had that disease, but after this much time has passed, I am more convinced that it is the result of red ant stings.  However, I had some of the symptoms of West Niles Virus so that I read all about it, and knew that I would either get through it or just be done in by it.  I have read the symptoms for red ant sting also, and that is more likely to be the case than the other.  But I had had a very bad headache at the time of an eagle in Big Bear having been photographed with an object in her mouth. I associate the two since they occurred at the same time and the pain I suffered was cause for me to discover if the eagle was injured or not.  She appears to be fine, and I have had no further headaches which has made me feel I had gotten through the ailment.  However, two symptoms do persist, and can be attributed to the red ant sting.  I won't explain yet, just to say that it affects the mouth and the tongue, and excessive sweating.

Because I am very sensitive about all the experiences I had with famous figures of the past when in trance state years ago, I have not discussed them openly as much as when I was first enjoying the experience.  I recall each experience that made a deep impression on me well even now, but the novelty of the person has worn off as I try to get through each day while growing older.  The one thing that all those memories or visions did for me was to convince me that the soul is eternal, and does not end as such as does the flesh.  But I must say that because one does return to the time period as it was then, all that the flesh had been then is what one does experience.  All the existing material objects of the times are as they were then, including physical appearance, clothes, housing, armament, people, animals, horses in particular, and geographic locations, etc.  All sensory experiences are as they were experienced then.  Touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste if experienced is in that time period.

Am publishing now.  It is getting late and I must get to bed.  I just wanted to add something to a topic that I had already introduced.  And to clarify a bit.  Good night.

Writing progress on Alexander Novel

It is somewhat difficult to find this blog any longer.  I have not used it as often as I did when I first began it.  I had occasionally posted a blog written here on facebook to share with followers who might be interested.  Having learned of memories on facebook, I began to write a few posts there that would be sent to me from years back.   I know that supposedly I can still find posts published on here. I am wondering now about all that now.

But the point of this was to discuss my novel on Alexander the Great that I had written a first draft to eventually turn into a published novel.  I have been rereading parts of it, sorting through it, and deciding if I continue to like it or not.  Since it is a first draft, and it was written with the attitude of attempt in mind, I have not yet written a second or revised version of it.  In fact, after reading it again last night, I was wondering whatever possessed me to think that I should write it at all.

But because I had become a bit defensive about Alexander, I had wanted to write a novel suitable for children to show the influences in his childhood that made him the man and leader that he eventually had to be.  His childhood is quite important to his drive, ambition, and conviction in his destiny.  Because when a child myself, I had been influenced to like or dislike a person in history, I decided that I would write a book that a child could read to understand and perhaps relate to Alexander in some fashion.

So I had just finished reading Trust Me, a novel about a mother who is accused of killing her only daughter by Hank Phillippi Ryan, that I began to think I should write this blog entry to explain my efforts with Alexander novel.  I had gone to see Hank when she appeared at the Poison Pen in Scottsdale years ago for a personal appearance on another of her novels.  I have read several of her books, and find her quite fascinating to read.  It helps to read authors for their own personal methods of presenting a story that can keep a reader interested and entertained.  Historical novels are a bit different in that history of that person is a known quantity so unlike mystery novels, there is little suspense.

At the autograph signing with Hank she pointed out that would be writers will be published only when they want to be.  One must want to produce, have the drive, and the momentum to finish a book.  Believe me, it is not easy to write a novel, rewrite, revise, ,and polish and shine it for publication.  Writing entails more than just getting the words on paper.

My problem had been that because I had promised myself I would not do this to myself, but finally decided to try it at least once, that I am still always pondering the decision as to whether it is wise to do it or not.  That is only because I had been so close to it for so long, and time has given me a new perspective that says yes, by all means, finish it, get it done, and get it published.  Even it is only on the pages of a  blog site like this or an independent self publishing way.  Just do it.

But because I had such a deep personal interest in it, due to my personal undertaking to learn all that I could, I became both defensive, self protective, and a bit wary of sharing this information with others.

Sometimes when one begins writing, something within pours information that is both personal and probably best kept confidential onto the writing pad.  In this case, a computer. I found two of my attempts disappeared on me, which made me suspicious about the possibility of someone hacking into my system. I am still concerned about two efforts that I would not publish at all, but which are significant to my story.

I just do not trust the internet or computer world much at all.

However, I will publish this to be only at this site. I will not share it on facebook.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Blogging again

Since I have few followers, and unless I share these posts, I don't expect anyone much to bother with them.  I know that my thoughts sound strange to others simply because they are so unusual and seemingly unlikely.

I want to discuss the God concept.  My vision of the God concept is easy to understand, but I don't have the capability of drawing pictures to illustrate it.  The reason I am speaking of this is because I believe that a higher power exists that is able to communicate with me. I intend to explain it in this "letting loose" of my thoughts and ideas on paper.

One, I can and do communicate with animals, eagles, specifically now. I also send out thoughts about weather phenomena which I had discussed for years ever since I discovered the book Light of Egypt and its discussion of an adept.

I am going to use specific examples of which I know are true.  One is a hurricane ongoing in the Caribbean, and the other is an eagle's nest in California.

Watching Rick the weather man on Fox yesterday, I said to him after he discussed the progress of Dorian and its proximity to Puerto Rico that maybe we could do something about it. I sent out a thought that it should go North of Puerto Rico since I know that Puerto Rico cannot afford another hit.  Today, Rick was kind enough to give the good news that the hurricane is going north of Puerto Rico which proves to me that the gods that be, and I mean this, have responded to save the people of Puerto Rico of having to go through a second disaster.

The other is an eagle's nest in California which I follow, and with whom I have made contact with the both parents and the surviving eaglet.  I sent out a thought to see if I could harness them through a silent command.  All three are responsive and have proved to be faithful to the voice within that I receive which I call the Universal Intelligence which uses my language to communicate to me what the eagles will do.  So far, every communication that I have received from this intelligence has been correct.

I believe that the connection between me and the eagles is that higher intelligence. You might think it odd that birds would be used by higher intelligence.  As in the biblical saying about the lilies in the field, nothing is too small or too big to not be a part of the universal intelligence's concern.

At any rate, I am saying that the simplest things of life are all a part of God's plan, be that what it may.

Facebook has a virtue!

Thanks to Facebook I can once again post on my blogger.  The problem with all computers is that if you don't do things exactly as it is set up, you can lose everything just due to a space, period, or dash.

But I have been writing about my time spent in the past while under a trance using self hypnotic tapes and depending upon the guide that appeared to advise me while going under.

The reason I am thinking onto this again is that I woke up from a dream which made me think of the person who I think may have been Parmenio in the time of Alexander the Great.  Until I realized that this family with whom I had such a close relationship when living in Michigan, I had been very involved in the study of Alexander to understand how it is that a person today can learn so much about Alexander from so many centuries past.  Alexander lived in 4 BC but whenever I went back in time to be in his spiritual body, which is a blueprint for his flesh, so that I learned all about the physical things that he used and wore during his time on earth. I met up with the people in his life, the animals, horses, and the garments and armor wore.  All this became a part of my environment when I was in that time period.  I did try to illustrate it in my own simple way to jog my memory if I ever forgot it.

But when I realized that Annabelle and MaryAnne could have been Parmenio and Philotas I did not realize how important it is to understand the real seriousness of sharing and keeping things to one self.

Because I think  that my mother had been Philip which she did not like at all, saying it sounded more like her dad, I could see why it is that Annabelle could have been Parmenio.  Once I realized that, I decided that it is best to let Alexander and his time period recede into the past.  For the sake of setting the record straight, I think my dad had been Kleitus the Black, and I am very certain of that...think it is strange that two men could become a male and female in this time period to be married...well, that is the way I see it. I see my brother as hephaestion for a lot of reasons. I won't dwell on it too much.

I am being more forthright this time than usual. I do  think that Jimmy Agler, a classmate of mine, had been Roxanne, but just a crush I had in third grade. I met him at our class reunion to be convinced that it is likely that he could have been Roxanne.

The thing that one learns about times past and people of the past is that it is likely that we encounter one another again for any variety of reasons.  There is no doubt that Parmenio, Philip, and Alexander were very close. I would not let Annabelle or Maryanne know a thing about it since we have had our friendship last this time period with only moving away separating us. No such thing as having to torture or kill either one, but in fact, I would not want them to know that. It was bad enough that I had to tell my dad about the relationship between Kleitus and Alexander.  Believe me, my dad pulled the same crap on me in this life saying almost identically the same crap that brought him down when Alexander killed him then.  I did repeat the motions, but I did not really kill him at all, but the stimulus brought about the same response.  I knew then and there that I was right about Kleitus and my dad, who I incidentally think is another person close to me in another lifetime. It is interesting to learn about the relationships of the past to understand the relationship in the present.  My dad and I have always had a love/hate relationship.

Well, I am actually talking about this more openly that I had when I first learned of it.  But the realization that my two friends from Michigan had ties to me in Macedonia in 4 BC changed my entire attitude about the topic.  I had accepted that the God within us all is more prevalent in some people than others, not just due to belief, but also due to revelations.

But when writing one can only discuss one topic at a time with fingers and a keyboard.  The mind may have a load of ideas but they can only be processed one at a time.

Why it is so important to me to make this clear. Part of it is my way of dealing with it to understand why a military giant leader in one time period, and a poor church mouse who has a totally different lifestyle in the current life.

I do not underestimate myself in this life at all. I have pretty much laid myself wide open as I once said that all one has to do is turn on the tv to see much of my life being plastered there on sitcoms and in movies and books without my direct permission, and disguised so that it is only a caricature of myself in a way that except for those that actually use my name, I can do nothing about it but to see the resemblance. However, I know my own words, and recognize them or the neighbors or other people around me who suffer the same fate when within my hearing.  Hollywood has used me and my students, faculty members, neighbors, and relatives in the same way that they have used me.  Just why is more than I know except that it is has paid off for them.

It is not because they thought I am Alexander the Great in 4 BC. Of that I am certain. I am leaving this to only Alexander for the time being. There are other people I have come to know in the same way but for the time being, I am sticking with 4 BC.  It is such a long time ago.

Yes, I review my life now to see why it is that it is this time in my life that I am still weighing all this that has come to be known to me.  I did come to love Alexander after the months of reliving his life and learning about him both emotionally and spiritually.  It is amazing the way that Alexander's thoughts can dwell within me, and that I can honestly understand his mental capabilities, his speed with which he was so well blessed, and his enthusiasm, exuberance, and enormous vitality even when injured.  It always rejuvenates me just to think of it again.

I am suffering some ailment that has kept me pretty much indoors for the past two weeks. I have been down with head pains that are often seriously painful.  Just now writing about Alexander's buoyancy during his convalescence after a serious injury did activate a feeling of well being within me.

That is the virtue of learning of the past. There are problems which I will discuss in a different post. I am closing this now just to take a breath.  I know that this is a first draft which needs to be revised and rewritten but it is just letting loose of the ideas to get them assembled on a page.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Long time no see

Ever since I had my computer worked on at Apple, I have had nothing but problems with this laptop. I need to make an appointment to get things corrected but I have been having problems with illness and general neglect that I have not even posted here for some time.

I became involved in the April the Giraffe phenomena, eagles in North Ft. Myers, Fl, and Berry College, Georgia, and time simply has slipped away with me drifting into a seemingly lethargic attitude.

I realize it now more than ever since bringing this up.  I have to get myself pulled together, but am suffering a knee pain that has crippled me in walking for the last three days.  I am trying to keep off it as much as possible.  I did just take out the garbage and the walking was difficult.  Also, the trash bin compactor was getting overloaded. Am not happy about that.

I could recount all my sins on here but will not do so for the moment.  I rarely ever read any of these true confessions after spilling the beans anyway.  what good does it do?