Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time passing too swiftly

My medical bills so consumed me that I have not spent much time on the computer.  I have used my cell phone overtime to keep up with gmail and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.  I have nearly forgotten how to use the laptop so that I was reminded last night when watching a sales pitch on an iPad mini.  I did not buy an iPad mini but I was reminded of the features on my laptop even.  I could actually use voice to write this but I do find that it is not that good in many ways.  I would still rather use my fingers.

I have requested an interlibrary loan for two books that I will use for my Alexander novel.  Oh, Heavens, have I not finished that yet?  Well, actually, I have been reading other current published so called popular novels to get an idea of what the reading public seems to like.  I just read about a page turner on Hannibal. I am wondering how on earth could anyone write a page turner.  I just don't see it.

Dan Brown is rather effective in the page turner style since he always has everyone on the run, either hiding from someone or running into someplace...that gets a bit old after awhile.  Too much like the action movies that really are not interesting when just watching Tom Cruise trying to run from some exploding device, or Matt Damon running or speeding around...I got so tired of running from architectural study in Florence that eventually the real plot became dull and tiring.  But it was page turning only because we were on the run all the time, turning from page to page as we went from one historical site to another.

I admit that my interest in Alexander is only due to my own personal bits of information that came from my traipsing back in time to learn of him, so that when I learned the identity of two important men in his life I was so flabbergasted to realize the truth of it that I frankly decided that none of it is very interesting after all.  It is all done and past history anyway, and to realize that all past differences are met again in this life in ways that are truly more mind boggling than anyone can imagine has really  caused me to put it all behind me.  I have to actively pursue interest in it now as today is far more important after all.

In truth, I realize that none of us values the moment at present as much as we should.  I was amazed to think that former soldiers in the military could become bingo buddies and good friends in the present which makes it all seem truly humorous and a bit overhyped after all.  I mean I really do believe in all the information that came to me during my trances and I value them but they are the past after all, and belong there.  I do not know that they are that worthwhile in trying to write a novel or not now since they are precious and pristine in memory but become trite and forgotten when written and discussed but not truly believed  by anyone but myself.

That is where I am with this argument now.  I know that I know my own soul after all and that is what is really important.  So I have slowed down on bringing it all up again...and I will  close to think more about this now.

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