Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Past Few Weeks

Quite frankly, I hope never to go through anything like I have had to experience in the past few weeks ever again.  It has been one of the very worst experiences that I have had to endure and I have hated it more than anyone can know.  Today, I believe that the workers who are plastering the final and last building in this set are finally near the end. Never will I be so happy to see people go than I will be to see this lot of miserable cusses go.

If anybody ever knew what lay ahead for them in this journey of life, probably most of us would say no way to it and find something else to make their days pass. Unfortunately, none of us know for certain what any of the days ahead will deliver to us.  I am ever mindful of all the adages that men coin just to sustain them during their toil on earth, but those are merely means to pour ointment on a miserable condition.  I could take all those adages and throw them out the window in a minute to say just quit kidding yourself so much, buddy.

Because i have had an inordinate and most unusual amount of early morning pain in this experience, I am seriously sorry for all those poor souls who are having to undergo bombs and war weapons falling all around them. Russia and the Ukraine is a sorry situation where so many innocents are being hurt and trapped by evil forces around them over whom they have no control at all, as well as the Middle East where Muslims are warring with one another and trying to involve all of the rest of the world in their own muddled affairs.  ISIS is drawing the USA into another military action to rid ourselves of these barbaric terrorists.  Israel and Palestine have been fighting each other for months on end, killing endless numbers of innocent men, women, and children for no reason at all except the motivation of hatred and envy, and a need for self defense.  What a world in which to live right now...Not good at all to bring children into those areas of the world, but humanity being what it is, people continue to rape and pillage, and unfortunate young are made to be brought into a world of hate and hostility.

I heard Barack Obama last night on his t.v. speech in which he repeats senseless patter about how it is that the USA will drive out the forces of ISIS and how much he hates to admit that he is being brought into another military action in the Middle East. Since most of his speech emphasized the Muslim faith I do understand now why so many believe that he is secretly and honestly more Muslim than Christian.  Obama says one thing but does another and finally, this time he said enough to convince me that he is more than just a little bit tied to the Muslim world. He could very well be a Muslim himself after all.

I am not totally convinced that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of the USA.  I know that many efforts have been made to prove his birth status.  He is a bit of a problem in that respect.  If proved that he is not a natural born citizen, his entire two terms is that of an imposter.

But his last sentence and attitude betrayed him to me last night on t.v.  I have never seen such hostility and anger come out  of a man after saying God Bless America.  I am stunned even yet as I recall it.

Why would he be so hostile is what I want to know?  He has a very deep hatred burning in him for something.  And I am wondering what it is and why.

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