Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Free movies on Epix this weekend.

I caught several free movies this weekend thanks to Epix trying to gain new viewers so that we had a free preview. I will finally see Leonardo diCaprio's Wolf of Wall Street tonight if I remember to put it on. I have made a mental note to see it, even though the previews annoy me.

I finally learned the reason for the obsession with Zombies when I saw World War Z which is one of the more stupid but possibly valid movies of recent times.  It makes me think of the Ebola outbreak in Africa now.  It has the same health organization stamp and fear mongering tactic.  I am rather convinced that real life is often preceded by reel life.

I may even subscribe to Epix for 6 is a maybe at this point. I do not watch t.v. that much to  pay for movies too.   But it is not a bad price at $5.00 per month for six months...problem is always when those six months are up as they fly by pretty fast.

I did see Jack Reacher too and while I liked it in some ways, I hated it in others.  We have so much real violence I don't appreciate vicarious thrills that are just ugly and violent.  Of course, in a movie, there is always a hero who does great things to bring and end to injustice.  

Anchorman 2 was on but it was so dumb that I ended up watching QVC instead.  Finally, horse racing has come on so I am working on both the lottery games and the horses.  Not betting until the PA race with California Chrome this coming Saturday.

Jack Reacher reminded me of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a lot for some reason. Guess it was the Russian prisoner...would it not be nice if authors and movies would not imitate each other so much....?  It seems that carbon copies is the lifestyle of publishing companies and movie land.

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