Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Brand new phone

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here.  This has been the most hectic and worst summer that I have had in a long time. I can never remember any being as bad as this one has been for me.

But rather than discuss it all now, I want to spend this time dwelling on the positive if I can find a way to do that.

I bought my first cellphone some years ago, and the first cell phone that I bought was an HTC from Sprint which I really liked a lot.  The salesmen who sold it to me was a Leonardo di Caprio lookalike who had come in from Kansas to sell this phone.  Later, a movie at Harkins was starring Leonardo and there was a Sprint tie in to the movie which I did see and do understand the connection between the use of the phone and the movie.  That was a long time ago.

When my contract was up, I traded it in for a Samsung after waiting for the iPhone 5 but since it was so small in size in comparison to what I had had, I went with the Samsung Galaxy 3.  I like some things about Samsung, and some things about HTC. It turns out all these phones are not only competitive but there is a lot of company pride at stake as well as profits.

So now that my two year contract with Sprint came to an end and it was time to trade up I opted for the iPhone 6 plus since Apple decided to compete with Samsung who was clearly performing much better with their phones than Apple had done, keeping only its faithful users. I did not like its small size and said so after I bought my computer.  I like the larger size so I went for the plus which is really the size I need being a senior citizen with bad vision right now.

Since I just bought it, I am learning it and adjusting to the differences. I think everyone should own both phones to appreciate both, especially employees of Apple. Samsung has some features which are clearly better than apple, but apple has features that are clearly better than Samsung. If you could only get the best of both it would be great. But I like the Apple phone I am using at present. I still have a second phone but intend to terminate that phone service and have only one.  Unfortunately, too many times I realize why one should have two phones.  But in my case, one is more than enough.

It has taken me a long time to adjust to the Apple computer as I do not use a computer as much now as I did in the past.  I have no idea what windows 8 is or what windows 10 will be.  I like Apple well enough to use only it but I have had two android phones now, Samsung and HTC.  Both are good operating devices with totally different features. My main objection to both is the ease with which they can be hacked into and that was my main complaint about microsoft.  It is too easy to get viruses  and malware even with protection. I had had protection but they still continued to plague me. I am even concerned a bit about apple and will have it tuned up and checked to see if anyone has gotten into it.

But supposedly, Apple is less likely to get viruses than Windows.

I have to go to Sprint this week to see about turning in my Samsung phone and getting the data from it onto my new phone. I spent the evening cleaning out my photos and wondered how the heck did some get there.  I had not put them there and not all could be the photos that come with the phone.

Many strange games going on in the world of computers but at last I have a phone that is compatible with my computer.  I can even use pages on my phone it turns out...I will try that to see how that works.

But so far, I have limited my apps to the few that I actually use.
Good night. I must go to bed now.

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