Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Roofers have arrived!

This remodeling project has been the worst experience I have ever undergone mostly because I was around to see each and every part of it happen.  It has been one long hellish summer which I will never forget.  But finally today, action has begun on putting the roofing material on my apartment section.  So at long last, we can feel that the end is near, and soon this building will be totally finished with all this remodeling for the exterior portion.  Landscaping will follow but that will be mild in comparison to all that has gone on before.  At least, I am hoping that it will be.

Patio furniture and accessories that had been placed in storage were returned to the owners yesterday. Since I had stored my chairs in my own storage area, I had taken them out long before all the neighbors had theirs out. I saw that a few others had done the same as I so that I am not the only one keeping my property safely in my possession.  I stored only those things that I would not need at any particular time so finally all those have reappeared. I had only three boxes filled with pillows for the chairs and pots for the plants.  One big beautiful pot I had forgotten entirely until I saw it again.  All these pots are from my neighbor Richard who gave them to me when he was forced to foreclose on his home.

I inherited them for letting him store his belongings in our family garage while he was having difficulties. I think about him often even yet, having taken in so many of his things.

Our worst fear in this remodeling episode is that the rent will escalate at a price that none of us want so that I am looking and planning already to move to some other place, hopefully, my final move. I am considering Las Vegas area again as I have wanted to move there for some time.  Taxes are the real reason.  Arizona's state taxes are far too high imho.

I will be so happy when this small roofing area is covered so that they can move next door to my neighbor's.  Since it is a small area it should take just a little time to cover completely. I hope that they do the job as completely as possible so that they do not have to return to finish later.  They did do that yesterday on building one which puzzled me.  I had been told that they would be doing my building but instead they were finishing up on Building one....

At least the end is near....thank Heaven!

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