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Yours Truly
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watching World Series and Breeders Cup

When I began to watch the World Series, the game was tied 2-2, but SF scored so that in this the 7th inning the score is 3-2.  It is a very tight game.  

This weekend is the richest horse racing game that is played in the USA.  There are two days of frantic horse racing which attracts horses from around the world to enter the Cup for a chance to win glory, fame, and fortune.

Unfortunately, this year a small group of favorites have been taken out of the running due to injuries or balkiness.  One horse was so frightened by jet engines that the trainer decided against shipping the horse to race in the famous cup.  

One wonders at what is going on except that when gamblers brag on their winnings it is always to brag about an astounding longshot that paid off big so that I would imagine that favorites are now afraid to risk losing.  Causes are bone bruises, lameness, or some other non life threatening injury but enough to give the odds makers thrills.  Fortunately, the two major races do not seem to have been affected by this late in the game defections.

I am highly suspicious is all that it is, and one can only wonder at which overlooked horse is capable of pulling off the astonishing surprise of a 35-1 longshot winning.

I suspect that the gambler who bet on either SF or KC are also shaking a bit in their boots right now.  It is never over until it is over, and it is a very close game.  The fans are loud on both sides of this ongoing battle.

When the game is over, I will comment on the finish of it.  Someone will get their ring tonight.

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