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Yours Truly
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Monday, December 22, 2014

A terrible irony

There is a terrible irony going on right now in the USA and the South American and Central American countries.  While many from Central and South America seem to want to migrate north for the better life, mostly from Central America, Americans are being enticed to travel and to live in South America, enjoying better lifestyle for themselves in places like Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. There are many places in the world today inviting retirees to settle, become expats, and to live a great lifestyle at a pace that they can afford.  Ironic, isn't it?

What does this mean?  It means simply that retirees on fixed incomes cannot afford the high costs that the young working are able to enjoy due to higher wages than the retirees had earned when that same age.  Life is perplexing, isn't it?

International Living is a business enterprise that specializes in retirement living worldwide, and makes quite a profit at helping American retirees to settle outside of the USA into homes and lifestyles that are within their budgets.

I have been studying this for some time myself, and am contemplating the possibility of the new adventure in retirement years, and that is of moving to another country where I can afford the very things that are much too costly for me here at home in the USA.  Health care being the most unaffordable for me in the USA.

At my age, it is difficult to consider such a move, but I am entertaining the thoughts of it.  Housing is too expensive for me now and I must decide soon.   It is an iffy situation at this point...but cost of living is so low in many of these places that I could possibly at least manage to live a reasonably modest lifestyle for lower costs than I can do here in the states...Still trying to work my way into resolving this issue.

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