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Yours Truly
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Friday, January 2, 2015

January 01, 2015

I have developed a pattern of waking and sleeping, but today I actually slept an hour later than usual so that I missed the first part of the Rose Parade.   I caught the last half.  After the parade, I watched football and horse races on t.v.  I began watching Michigan State University play Baylor.  MSU was dreadful at first, being able to only get field goals but never being able to get a ball across the goal line.  No t.d.'s which exasperated me.  I began watching horses just to get away from the frustration, and I would occasionally check back to see how they were doing.  In the second half, MSU began to pick up some steam so that they were within one touch down of catching Baylor who was way out in front.  I watched them score to make it a 41-35 game.  I thought great! Now they could at least maybe  get another with five minutes to go. How I figured that I will never know but luckily I was right as they scored with 17 seconds remaining to go ahead of Baylor 42-41 when they made the point after.  What a game!  I was so happy.  Then the playoffs for championship game were to be contested between Oregon and Florida State University and Ohio State University and Alabama.

Oregon whopped the daylights out of Florida State University and I finally could see that Oregon is a team that is relentless about winning as they defeated Florida dreadfully.   It made me shake my head in wonder.  Oregon is a bit tough and mean.  I wonder if they ever did put in their third string or not. They are huge men!

Finally, Alabama and Ohio State ended the long day of football frenzy with a very exciting and nail biter game.  For awhile, OSU looked about as bad as MSU had looked in the previous game in the first half.  It could only get field goals it seemed, while Bama scored t.d.'s to lead but at halftime OSU was within striking distance as it caught up to be one point behind Bama.  However, after the halftime ended, OSU played an entirely different game to lead the Bama team in a total turnaround.  However, never let it be said that Bama gave up!  They fought a good battle, so that the final score was only a touchdown away from OSU.  A very hard fought game.

Baylor's coach took it hard that he lost to MSU.  I suppose that both Florida and Alabama felt the same way but I did not hear them say so.  I did hear Baylor's coach say that he felt bad for his school and his team, and he was genuine in his sorrow.  It was an exciting day of college ball that is the beginning of a long time hope of having the top teams play each other in a game to prove which one should be named Number One.  So for sure, it will be either Ohio or Oregon come January 12, 2015.

Neither Oregon or Ohio State can call it quits yet!  They have one more game to play!  Imagine the anticipation!

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