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Yours Truly
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Captain Arabia and Captain America

Tonight there was another post about ISIS but it was a bit of a spoof!  Someone added a video spoofing ISIS that was entitled Captain Arabia.

It was full of humor imitating Americans in some ways that turned out not to be flattery but more satire and a bit of an  insight into the way Americans puff themselves up.

I mean really!  When Hollywood has to make movies called Captain America you do have to wonder, are we so lacking in self esteem that we have to have a movie or a comic book even called Captain America.   I then thought about all the other nations of the world who must wonder about our narcissistic movies that have to portray ourselves as the saviors of the world.

Captain Arabia does do the mean thing to a little kid by breaking his trophys that he has collected so that the little boy cries.  A lot like the Islamic tribes in Niger who had a hissy fit over the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

There is no doubt that Americans can dish it out.   But can Americans take it when dished back at us?

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