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Friday, January 9, 2015

Paris Shootings January 7, 2015

The New Year got off to a blaze of glory when two gunmen entered a magazine publishing office in Paris, France to gun down several members of the editorial board and bystanders who got in the way. The bystanders were policemen naturally.

This is a peculiar story which is playing out now in a manhunt while police in France try to find and arrest the gunmen who did this horrible deed.  It is a combination of the two most stupid gunmen in history who either accidentally or deliberately left their calling card with their i.d. on a car that they had used.  Immediately, the police knew who these gunmen were despite their efforts to cover their faces when they committed the crime.  I mean really....who is stupid enough to leave their calling card behind as they even go so far as to switch cars to make their getaway.

A whole day has passed without the police being able to apprehend them.  Supposedly, they are on foot in a forest north of Paris and whether they know it or not, are surrounded by the police on all sides. It is presumed that they may be hiding in a cave if they had found one, or else, at least are taking cover somewhere so that search lights have not yet detected them.  They had been spotted by helicopters abandoning their car to go on foot into the forest.  I have not yet heard whether the car has been found.

Since these two are possibly Islamic terrorists, though born and raised as foster children in France, they are described as tools of al qaeda.   It is said that they told one of the women with whom they talked to tell the media that they were with Yemen al qaeda.  The woman who let them in through operating the security code to open the doors for them was assured that she would not be killed since they would not kill women.  Most are speculating that this act of murder was done to avenge the prophet Mohammed who has been desecrated by cartoons and lampoons in their weekly magazine of satire on religious leaders as well as political leaders.

As I recall, the group who are at the helm of this company are atheists who try to provoke and attack each and every major religious group that they deem fit for critical ridicule.  They have been particularly targeting many Islamic leaders as well as even the women who wear the burqa.  I saw 16 of their covers through a website called The Beast.  I read tonight through CNN that ISIS has praised the gunmen who performed this attack on a French publication staff.

I found many of the covers disturbing and more than provocative so that if that is the cause of this action taken by the gunmen, it would seem that death squads may be sent to squelch such publications.  Of course, all of the world is standing up for the right of freedom of expression, or free speech as we call it, and are bonding together, probably not really knowing what it is that has caused this violent reaction to covers alone.

The gunmen are brothers if in fact the i.d. card does belong to the one brother.  They are supposed to have ties to al qaeda and have traveled to Iraq possibly to have been trained for military duty.  Since they are still on the loose, it is not certain that they are the men as portrayed in the i.d. card but it is likely that they are.  A third man had been named but he turned himself in when he saw his name, so one wonders how it is that his name came to be tossed around so loosely.  He is supposed to have an alibi at the time of the shooting since classmates say that he was in school at that time.  True?  Who knows yet for sure, but he is at least trying to protect himself.

I hope that the two gunmen are found soon just to end this tragic story in a quick finish.

The black boxes from the Air Asia plane have been heard from the Air Asia flight.  I had wondered which would happen first, the discovery of the black boxes or the apprehension of the gunmen.  I guess I know now.  It won't be long before both cases will be closed I am hoping.  But what an introduction to the new year!

Extreme cold is hitting everything east of the Rockies.  It had already hit us two weeks earlier so now it is the East's turn to suffer a cold spell unlike any that has been known in this millennium.  Records are being broken everywhere.

And it is only January 9 right now....I can just imagine that this year is going to be a real doozy!

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