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Yours Truly
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Friday, January 30, 2015

More on Super Bowl

Despite all the friends on Facebook I do not get all the posts that many probably send or share as I found out tonight when using an app called Flipboard.  Why I did not receive a couple that were posted on Flipboard is more than I know but it happened.  So when I share this I realize that not everyone will receive it either.  I wonder what Facebook thinks it is doing. I hate it when they think that they can control each and every message we send or receive but that is the impression that they give me.

I went downtown Wednesday to see the Phoenix party site which has been built especially for the SuperBowl.  They have a place called Superbowl Central which is located inside the USAirways entryway.  One enters through an archway to find a huge musical stage where musicians perform all afternoon and night.  Verizon has a platform where people can enter to climb stairs, get their photos taken, recharge their phones, tablets, iPods and iPads,  and look down on all the crowd assembled below.  Inside this entertainment area is where all the major networks broadcast their news of the proceedings, and interview various visitors for the  big game.  A climbing wall is erected at the south end near Jefferson Street.  The 49th Superbowl has a huge Roman Numeral display which turns out to be a huge screen which in the evening is lit up with videos of the football games.   All the skyscraper buildings that are in the vicinity are painted with huge scenes depicting the games, the ads, and the trophy.  

Across the street from the Superbowl Central are blocks of vendors who are giving prizes, food, and information about their products.  I entered the Pepsi Cola hyped up display to learn what I could get if I stood in line long enough.  Turned out that for that long wait we get our picture made, playing the role of fan, and then earning a prize. I got a real live pepsi cola to drink which accompanied my tomtits and dip, and pizza from Papa Johns's after I discovered them a few blocks away.  The crowds are huge, the lines are long, and the atmosphere on opening day was a bit curious.

I had taken the light rail since it enabled me to use park and ride.  That was a surprise to learn how many cars actually park at the site where i parked. I had to go to the top to find a place to park.  People who work take up all the spaces.  This lot has the most spaces available for parking and it was nearly full.  When I left it was nearly empty.

I had a ticket for the light rail but I was surprised to learn that on the return trip home that those of us who had tickets would have to produce our tickets to even get on the platform. I then learned how tight security really is since it had never really entered my mind.

The most interesting person I saw in all of this adventure in Super Bowl attendance is a man who boarded the train.  He had a mohawk that was so stiff and so high as to make everyone whisper and look at him as if he were some freak.  He had wax on it that made it stand up.  It was hideous. I was tempted to take a photo of it but I held back.  Dang it!  It was unreal.  His hair was so long it was unbelievable to see it sticking up in the air.

Everyone else was normal!

Truthfully, the football game does get lost and forgotten in all the partying and fun.  Probably at the NFL experience which is in the Convention Center a few blocks away the game matters.  Not out on the street. Except for the shirts announcing which team is being supported, nothing about the game even comes through.  But nobody will forget Papa John's or Tostito Alley.

The t.v. does show all the football chatter.  We can see that at home.  Downtown, all we want to do is mingle and chat.  I met a lot of people who were friendly.

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