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Yours Truly
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back to Alexander my novel

I have resumed my research into the characters to be developed in my novel on Alexander.  While it would be nice to visit Greece, Turkey, and all the other places that Alexander conquered, it is not necessary to write a book about him...You see I am writing this based upon my own personal ability to go back in time to see the places that were evident in that time period, not in this time period...It does take some time to realize all the truth about visits like that because as time passes, everything on the planet does change...some fixed landmarks would remain the same in many respects, but in fact, time does create changes even in natural landmarks as well as manmade landmarks.

The nature of a book of fiction is that it is driven by a plot, and plumped up with important characters.  In a historical based book, one can decide to stay true to the historical record or to play with it to suit one's own intent.   My first draft is basically Alexander from birth to 20 years old because i had it end at the time his father is killed so that he is crowned the king...but I have since decided perhaps to go a different route, so I am still simply determining which angle to second plot goes to the time period of when Alexander must put his top general on trial for treason...I am really quite convinced that the  trial of Philotas is a turning point in Alexander's life and journey.

So essentially I am changing perspectives in terms of time, as the first is pretty much linear from birth to becoming king...the Philotas plot seems to be all looking back at all that has happened since Alexander assumed his role as king and leader of the Macedonian army.

However, another character has become very interesting to me along with Philotas and that is the character of Craterus, who turns out to be probably the most important person in Alexander's army.  In my returns to times past, I have met up with Hephaestion many times, but I do not think that I ever met up with Craterus at all.  I also did not meet up with Philotas or Pamenio, but I did meet up with Black Clitus...It is always interesting to know that when one goes back in time, one does meet up with people who seem to be very important to me when under and in trance...So when researching and learning of how important someone such as Craterus is to Alexander, I am surprised that I did not meet up with him when I went back in time...but I honestly can say that I did not find him in any of my memories about the time period.

What does all that mean?  I honestly cannot say, except that I took it all as it happened because it goes so fast that it is a wonder that I remember all of it when awakened but I did remember it very well as it turns is still in my memory bank.  I can flash back very quickly when a stimulus does make me think of it.

While I had many memories of Hephaestion, I notice that in the history books that I am reading that he is not mentioned very often in comparison to how often Craterus is mentioned.  That has truly impacted me now...I am wondering about it...

Well, that is all for now...

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