Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

Another Easter Sunday has come and Easters without children are quite different from childhood Easters.  Easter baskets loaded with candy and Easter bunny are no longer part of the adult's means of celebrating the season of redemption through the story of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.  The fact that Jesus is an innocent condemned to death by his own brethren is a disturbing tale when one considers all the centuries that have followed in the telling and retelling of this passion for life.  The story of Jesus is probably often believed in the same way that the story of Adam and Eve is believed, with a certain amount of incredulity.  More amazing than either story whether true or false is the fact that each is followed so blindly in its continuation to this generation of believers and nonbelievers.  The stories continue to be played and replayed over time.  I watched a passion play Saturday night which took us back to the book of genesis with Adam and Eve falling into temptation to justify the need for Jesus to be born to put mankind back on the path of obedience to the Holy Father who had decreed that mankind remain deaf, dumb, and blind to the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Alas and alack, temptation in  the form of the serpent won the battle over mankind so that disobedience is the cause for Jesus to have to redeem mankind from Adam's original sin.

Watching the passion play reminded me again of all the stories that I had been told as a youngster, and of my own personal journey to learn the truth for myself. I had like most everyone also believed the story of Jesus Christ and his miracles which testified to his godliness so that I came to love this wonderful shepherd who cares so much for his flock that he dies for us and our own sins, however minor or major that they may be.

I do not dwell on the topic of sin too much.  If we knew all the sins that people commit daily, we would not want to live long on this planet.  News stories often discourage me from believing in people when I learn of the depravities that men commit.  Fortunately, I try to stay removed from those occasions which prompt such evil behavior so that i remain in my own little narrow world.  I tend to become very violent when confronted with knowledge of other people's cruelties and evil deeds.

I literally want to eradicate all such sick people from the earth.  Like weeds in a garden, i honestly believe that we should eliminate them before they destroy us.

For that reason  alone, I wonder that God has commanded us to love our enemy.  I wonder that Jesus would die to save such an evil person who would inflict great harm on others, but that is the story of Jesus's love for mankind.  It also only seems to work for the guilty once they admit their guilt, confess it, and then renounce it.  Change is the desired goal and apparently the objective of the true Christian.

Would that it would work.  But unfortunately, men's minds are constructed so that each religious body which is accepted into a community's life seems to teach that any other than themselves is an infidel or outsider who cannot be redeemed or accepted into Heaven.  Even Christians are taught that the door to Heaven is Jesus and no other.  Like Muslims, Christians believe that others are not fit for the kingdom of Heaven.

I have learned of Heaven myself, in a personal encounter so that I am a true believer in the Perfect Love which is that state of being known as Heaven. I know that it exists for one and within one's self.  Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and I can testify to that faith myself. It is both within and without when one finally comes into its Perfect state. I have been there and I know of it. It is all that one hopes for and lives for and ultimately dies for....It is whole.

Another celebration of the victory of Jesus's obedience to God's will has passed.  Jesus lives! Heaven is truly the fullness of Perfect Love.  Love one another.

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