Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Looking ahead to the future.

When one reaches my age, which is 75, one wonders what kind of future does one have anyway?  I hope to live at least ten more years but I wonder whether I will or not at times.  I feel healthy enough but I have a few health issues.  I had never been hospitalized at all until this past February because of the cat bite that my cat had inflicted on me.  Picture below is after surgery on the hand.  I do not care to place a photo of infected hand at this time.

But that particular cat and that particular hospitalization has cost me too much already, which had turned me severely against the medical profession. I don't cotton to the idea that oh aren't you glad that they were there response I received from some smart ass women who are a bit too obtuse for me. The first doctor was clearly incompetent and so much as said so when he performed a preliminary surgery on me and then prescribed the wrong medicine to cure the infection.  That made certain that I would have to return to the hospital for further medication.  Some doctors are worse than car mechanics that way.  Then, of all the nerve the hospital has you sign a paper under duress that you won't sue them for any reason at all.  At that point, I knew that this hospital was clearly a hospital that I should not trust.

There is only one doctor and one nurse that  I met there that I truly believe were there for my best interests.  The rest are as concerned about their patients as a car mechanic gives a damn what you carry in your glove compartment.  They don't really give a damn. You are a  job by which they earn a pay check and if you think otherwise, you are clearly out of your mind.

But the exorbitant costs that they charge just for a walkin to see if you are on the bed or in the john really is why I dislike these particular medics so much.  Too few visits, too little concern, too little time spent at what a high cost.  Believe me, they have not made a friend out of me, and certainly, never a supporter.

When I first entered the room, I met two women who were aides, and who told me that now I know how my friends are.  I met a few patients who I might consider worthwhile, but as for the hospital personnel, only a few impressed me as earning the dough they earn, and who are really in medicine for the purpose of helping patients who need medical attention.  There were a few who I really like and respect.  They were the good ones, but unfortunately, not all fall in that category.

I am writing this now because today I received a letter which is the cause of my complaints as I am airing them here. I want this on the record in my journal so that I can recall fully my state of mind on this day in which some are recalling the Nixon/Ford change.  That is a subject for a different entry.

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