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Yours Truly
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Why War? WWI memorial today.

As I went to bed last night the last thing I saw on CNN was an assembly gathered together for the cause of remembering the departed of WWI.  Today in the Independent, a newspaper article discussed the war as former soldiers recalled it.  One threw his poppy away in disgust headlines read.

War has many points of view.  Depending upon when the battle was fought, the pov will change.  In modern day wars we become more aware of the internal workings of war through professional journalists who report it as they see and hear it.  In all of history, some person as a historian or a scribe has somehow or other managed to capture some aspects of a battle, won or lost, to leave to posterity so that we glimpse into it a bit.

Modern wars are now fought with technology and weapons that were nonexistent in times past.  Yesterday's seemingly crude weapons are now kept and collected to marvel at how wars were won or lost with something so simple as a bow and arrow, a shield and sword, and even simply stones.  David brought down Goliath with only a stone it is said.

Today, we have stealth bombers, drones, tanks, artillery, sophisticated eavesdropping equipment whether that of satellites in the atmosphere or cellphones and computer devices ready to in an instant convey a message of urgency.

Early primitive man had to devise tools, dig holes, make netting devices just simply to trap a lion, a boar, or a tiger.  Man versus nature was more prevalent that man against man.  Have we come a long way or not?

To the victor goes the spoils the saying is.  In war that is always the case.  In times past, a war was intent upon either capturing the adversary to make them slaves or to kill them so as not to be troubled again.  It did not matter whether they were civilian or military, so long as they were with the adversary.  A child could grow up to become a threat if left free so he was either killed or captured to become a slave.  Women could be as much a threat to a neighboring community as men so that they were treated in the same light.

In modern times, all this has changed. We no longer think that way.  We have social programs, educational activities, and humane goals that change in each generation to make the lifestyle of the past seem harsh, cruel, and unwarranted.  Granted,  those times of the past did not have modern electricity, indoor plumbing, modern highways with a variety of transportation vehicles, or fast food restaurants. Life was more of a struggle then than it is now.

So why is war an ongoing lifestyle?  Why are there conflicts between nations today?  We have finally arrived at the point to where we have a United Nations designed to equalize each and every nation of the world.  Granted, the Security Council gives heavier weight to a few select nations than others but that is because of the mood of the nations when this governing body was formed.  Today it is likely that some similar kind of weight would still remain with key nations whose economic and social powers are greater than smaller undeveloped nations.

The ongoing wars being fought on the earth at the moment appear to be based upon a conflict in religious beliefs and thus goals of the countries which espouse those beliefs.  It appears that the Jews who hold fast to their ancient beliefs are in direct conflict with the Muslims who continue to devote their lives to the faith in which they are born and taught, and unfortunately, in their case, who also coerce other nonMuslims to become Muslim upon fear of death.  What kind of religious faith is that?

War frankly has never been futile. It however has always been unfortunately considered by the Muslim faith that whenever they won a battle over  an adversary that it meant that their God had favored them.  The victory reenforces their belief that God is on their side.

For that reason alone, because as western civilization has become more aware of the kind of teachings of the Muslims, it is seems necessary to deal them a blow that will cause loss of faith in their God.  Anyone who is not a Muslim is considered an infidel and therefore an adversary who should be hated and should be killed.  In that respect, I strongly am opposed to the militant who would set out to destroy my freedoms and my liberties to impose their unfortunate and foolish beliefs upon me. I would fight back and I would want my nation to fight back.

Unfortunately, the Israeli's also have some nonsensical belief that they are the chosen people, that nobody will ever defeat Israel, and they too like the Muslims need to learn that the only thing that they have been chosen by God is to deliver up some Jewish Messiah who Christians believe to be Christ, and since that is done and accepted by most of the world, it is frankly silly for the Jews to continue to deny it while embracing the idea that they are better than everyone else in the world.

So we have two world religious bodies believing in a faith that the rest of the world finds incredulous and antiquated, watching them slaughter one another.  While the Jews wrestle with the Hamas who seem to hate Palestinians enough to allow them to be killed wholesale by Jews who should know better than to do that,  the other terrorist Islamic militant are attempting to take over a caliphate of their own and to rule the Islam world.  They operate  by the sword too, and are readily killing any opposition to them, and will eventually try to hit the USA if and when they get up the manpower to do it.  Rest assured, nobody doubts that they hate the USA and Americans wholesale and will try some idiotic deed against the Satan which is America.

Muslims had been slashing throats in Algeria for years as France reported to the world. Muslims live by the sword and have absolutely no qualms about inflicting their beliefs upon everyone around them.

Is war with the Muslim world necessary?  Yes, it is.  There is no other way to impact these militants but to defeat them.  No matter what it takes, war is necessary to protect one's own freedoms and one's own country.  They cannot be converted or changed simply because they are in a state of true insanity.  They truly believe all the history and doctrine that has been fed into their minds.  They will not be changed or converted.  They must adhere to the teachings of Mohammed, a man they believe to be a prophet, and a man I believe to be a criminal, a psychotic, and a pedophile.  What can the sane people of the world do but to recognize this and to defeat it. It must be defeated. To think that this religious belief has for so many centuries ruined so many people's lives is absolutely unthinkable.  But it is time for it to end.

While this is not a happy thought, it is a necessary realization.  We must stop IS before it goes any further.  Period.

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