Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Sunday, April 26, 2015


I found this piece that I wrote some time ago, and decided to put it on my journal.  It is entitled Man. I reread it and liked it so much that at first I was unwilling to publish it on the internet.   People can copy and paste so easily that I do not trust many to respect the creativity of others.  So many plagiarists in the world today, thinking that they can get by with it.

But because I like it I will put it here as few read this anyway.  Their loss in my opinion.


The soul of man which is God lies within the deep recesses of man's being. It struggles to be free.  Man flees this emergence of God and creativity which dwells within him.  It is better that it be buried for man realizes the depth to which it can control him.  Better to bury it deeper, deeper, further, further than to let it emerge and thus free man from his own captivity.  We hold our God captive for how much would God control us and dominate us if God were freed.

Man fears God, Man fears his own captivity.  Far better to run from seeing and facing God than to acknowledge it.  What does one do when one knows God is struggling to be free.  What becomes of us when we relinquish ourselves to this soul within us.  To what heights and depths would it carry us?

Gradually, however, this creativity, this force grows and burrows against our fortress and finally, emerges for most.  At our death, for a few, at our birth, for several, through the growth of our years we come to yield to the force within.

God is Love, Creativity, Purity, Truth, Beauty.  God permeates our  being.  God cleanses our minds, our bodies.  God enables mankind.  The struggle between God and man is violent for one must be freed.  The man who succumbs to God finds Himself and rises to a height that can only be measured by its fullest growth.  The total growth, depth, and height of God is incomprehensible.  Who can know to what depth God will engulf us.  Who can know where God will lead us?  God is the master, but through God we are freed.

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