Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Monday, May 19, 2014


I am having trouble getting to sleep again.  For some reason I have had periodic problems of getting to sleep at nights, usually happening every other night.  It gets tiresome as I end up with only six hours of sleep so that I end up taking daytime naps.  And as I feel it is useless to waste time awake by just tossing and turning I thought it might help to delete the previous post in which I was just trying to state my case about medical problems without going into exact details which would only worsen the problem for me.  By talking around things it seems like burying in or covering it up so as not to relive its pain and hurt.

But it also helps me to relieve my anger about by calmly discussing it.  First of all, I had needed an eye exam for so long I could hardly believe it myself...but the receptionist that I called was so stupid in my opinion that I would not ever want to use that facility. I still feel that way about her but I did finally go there and because the doctor was in I was able to get an exam and as a consequence of the exam, I was able to order new lenses.  I still do not think very much of the woman who works there. In fact, I did not really have anything to do with her at all, but I did get my eyewear problem solved.

I have the prescription as I always ask for them in case I decide to buy a pair of glasses somewhere else other than at that establishment.  It turned out that the place where I had obtained my first pair has closed down so that I could only use one of the other existing services who are still operating.  I do not know if they will last very long at those places either but I may end up having cataract surgery in a year or so as I postponed it for a year due to my need to find the right doctor for that as well.

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