Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Monday, May 19, 2014

Keeping up with myself.

Selfie today when I learned that I must keep my lens clean.  I am actually always changing my profile photo at Facebook usually after a new hairstyle just to keep an ongoing look of where I am now on that page. It is so that you will know exactly how I appear at this given week or month whichever it may be.

I at one time used those photo booths which are in the malls and I kept those photos to remind myself of my aging process.  It is interesting to see what time does to us if we keep track of ourselves, and often pictures speak a lot better than a thousand words for sure.

Today I had a fuzzy lens and wondered what the heck was wrong...finally I decided to check the lens and lo and behold, I got a clear picture again.  Who knew?

I have been having trouble sleeping again, and due to financial stress, am working to win the state lottery Pick again.  I got it all caught up and am willing to try to win in the next three draws if I can make out a ticket.  My method requires a lot of work so that just having it brought up to date is an accomplishment.  I am wanting to go to Europe this summer or fall so have to win the lottery to manage to do it.  My hospitalization hurt me a lot in terms of out of pocket expense as I did not have medical I must attempt to win this game.

I bought new lens for old frames and bypassed cataract surgery for this year. The expense and the idea of going under anesthesia again made me wait it out.  I had just gotten the anesthesia bill which is incidentally incorrect so that really made me think twice about the cataract surgery. I could not afford all this at one time...especially emotionally as well as financially. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary medical time for something that is not really necessary yet.  My new lens are transitional which means that they adjust to the sun to become sunglasses outdoors.  I like them and my vision is good with the new prescription. Only one lens needed a change.

When I win the lottery game which I believe I can do, I will try to keep it as quiet as possible.  I have such a need to tell everyone everything it seems that I do not know for sure that I will be able to keep it quiet but I think it best to just not let the world know of it.  But for sure, when I do, I will book a flight to Europe...


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