Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Friday, May 9, 2014


Recently, I had had to undergo hand surgery for a cat bite.  Today, I received the bill from the anesthesiologist.  Because I do not have insurance  I have to pay from my retirement fund. And I unfortunately learned that I had had complications that required emergency treatment. I was never told anything about it. I do not know what happened and so tomorrow I have to go to medical records department to find out.  One real reason is that I had planned to have cataract surgery.  That is expensive as all get out too but it also requires anesthesiology.  So seeing that I had had complications which required emergency treatment (I think the doctor is padding her account to be honest) I had to change the appointment for the exam to get the cataract surgery.  I will have to wait a while for that now anyway with the cost factor being so important as well.  But it has really ruined my day and nights.  I am going to have to go to my former optometrist now to see about getting new lens for my glasses and to have another eye examination there also...since it is free at this time...what a mess. I am up all night just thinking about it so decided to write it out to recall it and to help me know what to do about it.  That means talking it out and letting go of some of the hot steam inside me which is needing to escape.

I am furious and have been furious all day.   It is not one bit funny to learn this much later that there had been problems at the time of the minor surgery. I am really pissed to be perfectly blunt.

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