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Yours Truly
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kayla Mueller, a young martyr!

 Kayla Mueller is a young woman, 26 years old, from Prescott, Arizona who has been held hostage by ISIS terrorists for 18 months.  She has been pronounced dead by the ISIS group who claim that she was killed during a Jordanian air strike.  Jordan promised to retaliate against the group after a video film was released showing the vicious burning alive of a pilot who had unfortunately fallen into Syria territory to be picked up by ISIS terrorists.

Jordan denied vehemently that their bombs had caused the death of the young woman, and it was proved pretty convincingly by the FBI that the supposed building where she was purported to have been killed did not show any sign of bombing from the Jordanian bombers.  There were no smoldering embers or smoke rising from a scene which would have had evidence of recent bombing. However, the family in Prescott asked for proof from the ISIS terrorists that their daughter had been killed, and so in an email a photo of the girl was sent to the parents that verified that she was indeed dead.

A lot of stories are being distributed about what may have happened to her while in captivity.  Supposedly, she had been with her boyfriend when she was captured, and it appears that he had tried to get her released from captivity also.  But another story is circulating tonight on ABC that she may have been forced into a marriage to one of the leading commanders of ISIS.  However, a statement by one of the hostages who had been released through a deal did indicate that she had been held with the other prisoners.  None of these stories about this girl should be taken seriously.

A letter she wrote to her parents while in prison has been shared with the public tonight.   You can tell that she is using care in what she is saying and I would imagine that she was trying to make certain that if found by the ISIS group it would not hurt her in any way.   She spoke well and positively of her treatment which is a smart thing to do if it fell into the wrong hands.

As it is, it did reach her parents, and CBS tonight made a story out of it comparing it to both Anne Frank and Martin Luther King, and calling it One Page.

No matter what, I understand why she did the smart thing to find the "good" in everything.  Even in her captivity, she was able to find some good in her surroundings.  I would imagine that good  might be to give  comfort to the other hostages.

Yes, she risked her life to help save the needy in Syria, and she paid for it.  I am certain that she has reached a place in Heavenly Love to be well rewarded for her courage and bravery.  Very few young women would dare to do this remarkable effort but she is now being remembered and celebrated.

God bless Kayla and may Heavenly Peace descend upon her family.

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