Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Changes

Since my lease is about to run out, I am looking to move to another place somewhere but as of yet I have not decided where.  I am trying to do two things at once: find a future place and augment my receding bank account.  I must make serious changes as soon as I can.

So yesterday I drove out to a mobile home park in Mesa to check out a trailer that is for sale there.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, a memorial for a woman who had recently died was ongoing at the clubhouse, and I did not stay around to meet the guy if he showed at all to see the interior of the mobile home.  But because I went early I did find it in the park and knew immediately if I were interested in it or not.  NOT!

But I gained a lot by taking the trouble to go out to see this region of Mesa which has so many mobile home parks.  I learned how seniors have amenities and opportunities in specialized living quarters that most of us do not have.  It is nice to be able to take advantage of travel tours that are offered to those who can afford to take them. I found a company that offers trips to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Karcher Caverns, Catalina Island, and loads more that really impressed me.  The costs were good on a group basis.  I liked that.

At least, this trip convinced me of many things to consider when moving.  If I were to decide upon a mobile home, I would want a newer home than a remodeled old home. I already live in a  remodeled older apartment unit and know all the problems that brings. I know from living in an older house the problems that were ongoing there.  I do not want to make that mistake in this stage of my older life.

So here I go,  trying to solve this problem by making the best decision for myself.  I pray that I do it right. I did not start off well just trying to take late mail to the post office.  My Valentine's Day cards to three friends went out a day late.

And last night, I divulged one of my personal experiences to another on Facebook regarding 9/11 which maybe I should not have done.  However, in so doing, a thought came to me while watching the live horse races. It dawned on me that visions can be thought transmissions sent to a receiver by an angelic spirit.  That is all I will say for now.


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