Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I woke up from a dream today which was strange to say the least but it did give me  a good idea about how to make a pizza pie...I seemed to be sitting at a table alone.  I looked down to see a plate in front of me with a pizza pie shaped like the state of  Washington in color, so maybe it could be cake, but it was Pizza in color...and then when I decided to tear part of it off to eat which seemed to be cut into the shape of counties, I put it into my mouth, and a host of people came up to sit down to eat with me..i  had a glass of water there, when suddenly other glasses of water appeared just like it so I pulled mine away from the girl who was to sit at my right..the water was clear but had specks of blue in it and the two glasses were alike so that I did not want mine mixed up with hers...all table utensils then showed up and I woke up....

I did think what a great idea to shape pizza in the outlines of states...that is a fun idea...easy for cakes but a pizza pie is an interesting idea...too bad it can't be done easily.

Then I opened my gmail to find a post from a friend with brilliant ideas...she had included one as a tip to keep bugs out of your water.   The tip is to use a cupcake liner as a means to protect the glass from getting bugs on the liner upside down on top of the glass.....this particular picture had a cupcake liner with blue dots around it which made me think of my dream about glasses of water with blue specks in bugs, huh?  Great to know that now.

So what can you say?  You are what  you eat...the state of the dream the person asked where are you so that when I looked down I saw the state of Washington on the table...that makes me think too.  My thought had been of Yakima Washington where Horse Heaven is located...but then when I opened the gmail I thought of the bug free tip...strange the way dreams, gmail, and the mind works, isn't it?

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