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Yours Truly
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Son of God movie

I decided to see Son of God the movie this afternoon.  How happy I am that I did.

It is excellent.  The direction, the acting, the casting, the dialogue, (mostly all directly from the Bible), the photography, the music...everything about this movie is top notch and cannot be faulted in almost any way.. I loved every scene, every closeup, every dramatization...This film is so well paced that it moves very quickly, but does examine faithfully many well known scriptures that Christians love and know, from the sea of Galilee where he teaches Peter how to fish in the right place to find the fish that Peter had not thought were there, so that Jesus induces him to become a fishermen of men now that he knows how to find the fish on the right side of the is interesting to me to see how his following swelled in relation to the fish as he and his disciples who he handpicks continue to gather a following around him...the manner in which so many statements made in each of the major four books of the New Testament are spoken is so natural, so recognizable, and so beautiful that one readily understands why it is that Jesus secures so many who want to just see him, to touch him...of course, he has his adversaries who are frightened of him and who consider him blasphemous, and of using demons to raise the dead, to forgive sins, and to even threaten the very temple of God.  The Jewish opponents are understandably frightened of this ordinary man from Nazareth who can perform miracles, and just maybe, he could be the Messiah, the promised King of the Jews after all. It is a great dilemma that faces them as they watch the proceedings when the crowds gather to hear Jesus's teachings.  The pacing of the movie is excellent, and one realizes that Jesus can foresee and know what is to happen to him...he realizes that his time has come...masterfully performed so that families together will enjoy the extraordinary dramatization of scriptural verses taught in Sunday school or at mass.

While protestants do not fully recall the stations of the cross as Catholics do, Catholics will appreciate the harshness of the 40 lashes as well as the demand to carry his own cross...this study shows and follows Jesus's walk to Calvary very well....The Roman soldiers are cruel, harsh, and militant, but while they mock and jeer him they are also humbled to some extent by his suffering and his courage...The time spent on the cross is beautifully portrayed...Jesus looks credibly bloodied, tortured, and kindly and loving throughout it all...His gentle, kind nature supports his mother, his friends, and even those who hang beside him on their crosses...

The special effects are fantastic...Jesus resurrected is amazingly believable and astonishingly beautiful. I love the choice of actor for the role of Jesus, as well as the other apostles, and the actor who plays Pontius Pilate is exceptionally good in his performance.  His wife is even beautifully touching in her efforts to persuade her husband to realize that Jesus is an innocent and good man.

This movie will become  favorite classic to most Christians who never tire of the story of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.  It emphatically declares that Jesus is the King of the Jews, is the son of God, and is our Saviour, those of us who choose to believe in his divine role on earth to save us from the sins of the early Adam.

Several movies pertaining to Biblical history were previewed. One is Noah which shocked me when Noah's feet were plunged into water as it reminded me of the water that had appeared in my apartment kitchen floor, and I had never even considered Noah until I saw this preview.   I had thought of Our Lady of Lourdes, since it occurred near my birthday.

I did cry because seeing Jesus resurrected reminded me of when I had seen my grandmother's ghostlike appearance in the backyard on our patio in Davison 30 days after she had passed.I had seen her unleash my dog Clancey (making me know that is probably what hurt Marcello so much, having to wear a harness and a leash) but he stood there waiting until I went out to take him in...there was love all around, heavenly love so I knew she was answering my question...she is in Heaven for sure I about my mom and dad who I wish the same to have happened to them despite themselves, and for me as well, Jim, Ruth, Frank, Doris, grandpa, and and all others in my family...and naturally myself when the time comes as well as brother and cousins, and you know everyone of us together again in a state of love, peace, and harmony...all in Jesus's love and Heaven.

Dogs go to Heaven too because yes, Clancey did come to me there in the bathroom in Durango too. I know that he and my grandmother both have Heaven.

So the movie made me happy for a long while.  I believe all Christians always have a love affair with Jesus at one time or the other.  This particular characterization of Jesus will please many a lover of Christ.

I personally believe that Jesus is with us all the time...where two or three are gathered in my name, i am with you always, he has said. The Holy Ghost has come to take us through generation after generation...the Holy Ghost is that aspect of God that we must address as well as Jesus, his followers, and his family.  Angels are all around us...we must be ever mindful of our angels, and remember to say hello to all departed spirits who also continue to love us and need us now as when they were in the flesh...

We are all one with God when we admit to it, accept it, live and love one another as told to do, and reach out and help one another...God be with you, and do see this movie! You will love it. I know.

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