Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comments on Malaysia Air and Israel/Gaza

I hope that the USA will stay out of the Malaysian air situation.  It is none of our business and I hope that Barack Obama will not become the jerk of the year by trying to act self important in this stressful situation.

I likewise think that the Israel/Gaza drama is making Israel look like the devil versus the already too injured and too disabled.  Benjamin Netanyahu proves that he is unfit to be the leader of the state of Israel.  Most of the internet is anti Israel.

Jews and Israeli's are not to be considered as one and the same but I did read that the Jews from France are fleeing France to go to Israel now.  The situation is so bad there that Jews are being targeted for harassment.

Where does Israel think that it will go in the future?  Now that it has eaten up most of the former Palestinian lands as if it were their own which it is not, who will they try to grab land from next?

Or are they going to have to go Vertical? Create high rises to survive.  It appears to me that they do not think about the future at  all.  Are they to be another Japan?  Seeking homes outside of their own territory.

It is useless to wonder about the residents of Gaza.  Israel is systematically killing them off one by one in large masses.  Israel should be ashamed of itself and stop blaming those who are throwing rockets at them.  They have intercepted them or they have fallen into empty fields, so far hurting no one. It is a ridiculous game.  Time to stop.

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