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Yours Truly
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

July, 2014

This month has flown by so rapidly I can hardly believe it.  I am writing this while watching CNN Jon Vause who is discussing the ongoing problems that are facing the Middle East.  He is a handsome young man who appears totally different when in the field instead of at the desk.  Amazing at how important clothing styles can be.  Suits versus casual wear.  He looks tons better in casual tone.

Here it is, July 25 already...time has passed so quickly I am just overwhelmed at times.  But this past week was so dreary that I can only wish for this month to end.  The heat was at an all time high two  days in a row so that i have not been out of the apartment for the past three days. I am stir crazy, bored, and having had too many sleepless nights, tired and sleepy but unable to sleep.

I am watching the interior of a hospital in Gaza. I just read an article at Facebook in which former FBI director warns that this struggle is likely to create more interest in other terrorist groups who will be a problem in the Muslim world.  There was an interesting comment there by a Rafael Suarez who so concisely wrote what many of us to be the truth about this sorry affair that I had to comment on his response to the FBI director's suggestion.  He spelled it out exactly the way that most of us see this tragedy as being exposed by the courageous news media and medical personnel who are working there.

There are also other articles on the internet which discuss the fundamental Christians attitude about this.  It always amazes me that today's Christians seem to be so similar to the fundamental Muslims who both live as if they think yesterday is today.  Some Christian quotes are so ridiculous and unbelievable as to make one think that perhaps that they are not too well educated or intelligent after all.  I mean really.  Who believes the Israel of today is the Israel of King David?  Anybody?  

I just searched information about Jon Vause.  He is quite a fascinating journalist with a resume that is most impressive.  He has a delicious voice for  a broadcaster.  He is from Australia, is married, and has one child. 

Wow! Putin has a beautiful daughter who is getting publicity now.  So now the Netherlands is turning against her.  She seems to be involved with a young man who is from the Netherlands.  

On that note, I read an article tonight which suggests that the Ukraine actually set this plane tragedy up to frame Putin.  It seems that fragmented messages were strung together to make up phony recordings so that it would appear that the Russians were guilty.  The separatists...when in reality, they are supposed to have known that the commercial airliner would fly the flight plan while air traffic controllers instructed it to fly north of its usual route and at a lower altitude.  The entire plot suggests that the USA is behind that frame-up of Putin.

I realize that nobody is ever going to believe that story since already the laws in motion are to condemn the Russians as harshly as possible.  Leaders of the EU and the USA have already set the ball rolling to push Putin into a corner.  Nobody is ever going to believe that the Ukraine set this up in a premeditated mass murder plan.

I did share the story on my Timeline as it is published in a respectable journal.  Not going to check which publication since it is part of the Russian Orthodox Church I would imagine. Sandra shared it.

End of  politics today.

I did open my mail about car insurance and registration to finally learn how much it will cost me...I must get control of my finances.  I also am actually not a victim of a scam but a victor over it.  Some guy and his wife who won a megamillion dollar prize in the state of Washington supposedly sent me a notice saying that they wanted to share their bounty with me. I do not know if they are part of this scheme or not as they could be victims also but no matter what I did respond to it but shared it all on Facebook since I did not truly believe it.  I knew it was a too good to be true scheme.  God had picked me he concluded.  Ha!  That alone made me wonder at this strange attempt to trick me.  Unfortunately, I did give my phone number but so far no phone calls.  I made it all public, all correspondence is on my timeline and on google.  I did x out my phone number.

I will close now. TATA

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