Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Current Events: Airliners, Immigrants, and Middle East and Iraq, and ISIS.

Some thoughts I have about current events:

1. Commercial airlines should avoid war zone regions at all  costs.

2. Immigrant problem should be the top priority of the White House.

3. Marine being held by Mexican government should get immediate attention. He should get released from Mexican jail asap.

4. Americans should not throw stones at Russia over the Ukraine when it already has all its fingers in every region of the world unjustifiably.

5. ISIS, the newly recent terrorist group which has declared itself the second Napoleon of our time, needs to be terminated immediately if not sooner.  This group of terrorists is the most serious threat since the Taliban, and is even worse than the Taliban.

6. The unfortunates of the world who are truly the obedient and faithful Islamic followers should not be condemned by the actions of the militant faction of their faith.

7. Israel should be bigger and better than it has been in its treatment of its Islamic neighbors otherwise known as Arab neighbors.  Israel is its own worst enemy but does not seem to recognize that fact.

8.  The United States is not the police of the world and should not attempt to be that dreadful force so often.

9. The two party system is a failure in government in this country. Both parties should be disbanded immediately.

10. The thriller ride in Kansas City, Missouri is probably the scariest ride devised to date.

11. Jimmy Fallon is funnier than David Letterman in the night time talk show wars, but Dave is old school style, while Jimmy is a spin off of SNL.

12. And finally, The Chew on ABC t.v. is a very excellent show for food lovers. It is on at noon here in the Valley of the sun.

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