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Yours Truly
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Shopping Network and UPS

I was very happy that my order for a Curtis Stone pineapple cutter was sent and delivered to me so fast this morning, but I am having a bit of a problem with the young girl who is now delivering the mail.  I think she does not really like to have to hand it to me personally, but I prefer to get it upfront when she is finished with the mail delivery.

I was a bit annoyed with UPS this morning to learn that they had a new format for tracking the deliveries.  I ordered a pair of Clarks shoes from QVC which is yet to be delivered but for some odd reason, UPS does not seem to have much information about the locations of this pair of shoes.  I hope that these shoes are worth this much trouble to purchase.

I like to know when to anticipate delivery because I do not like to run to the office to get the products if I can have them more at my convenience at my front door.  The UPS man does deliver them personally but the post office often goes to the front office.  That can mean having to wait if the office is closed.   Besides, I do not like having the personnel in the office know my business.

But Home Shopping Network  was so good as to get this merchandise to me so quickly that I am singing their praises.  That quick delivery makes it more likely that I would order through them than through the other networks.   But knowing Clarks shoes as I do, I thought it a good buy for this summer's sandals pick.  When they finally arrive, I will throw my outworn fit flops into the trash.

I love the fit flops which I actually bought at MySister'sCloset which is a discount store, or consignment shop.  These sandals have worn the best for the past summer and into winter as well.  I really like the workout they give when wearing.

However, at Nordstrom's they sell for $100 and more....beyond my pocket book price for shoes I can assure you.
Clarks are also expensive even at the local discount shoe stores so that the special buy at QVC seemed worth it.  I will know soon enough but they had to be shipped in from the East Coast of all places, Virginia Beach.

And UPS has been a bugger about tracking this package.  I wonder what their problem is, but recently Leah Marie Brown complained about missing packages.  So today when I logged into UPS it asked have you been missing packages?  The answer is no, and do not confuse me with Leah Marie Brown. I hate that!  To be confused with any other person in the world does just annoy me more than you can imagine!  So just because she makes a complaint about missing packages should not mean that UPS assumes that I am missing packages.  I have made no such complaint!

Sorry, but while I only know Leah through Facebook, I do not appreciate thinking that UPS is stupid enough to think that her problem is my problem.

And I doubt that even if I share this on Facebook that Leah will read it.  I do not think that she is reading any of my posts.

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