Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Thursday, March 5, 2015


I wanted to delete the posts that I had written regarding the lottery. I have a very unique system which I finally have brought up to date for the Arizona Pick now.  Whether I will ever actually go for the win which means spending oodles of dollars is more than I can say right now.  My first imperative is to decide where I am going from here.

I have been looking at housing in Las Vegas, Nevada. I may drive up there next week to determine if I really should move to Vegas to spend the remaining days left to me.  Costs are going up so fast in this area that I can move across the county to keep expenses down, but at this point I am at the point where I could just up and move to another state.

I had been thinking of storing my belongings in the storage building which is directly across the street to spend some time in Europe for the summer and fall.  Then return to find a permanent place, but that is an expense that I do not know if I can afford or not either.  I  am going to rid myself of extraneous belongings that I do not actively use to reduce the amount of storage space needed for all my stuff as well as to keep moving costs down.  I do not know yet exactly how I will do that.

But my goal is to rid myself of much by the end of March.  Fortunately, I have a dear friend in Diane who has given me some sound advice.  Replacement costs are always a problem to consider.  But I have learned how to buy things at reduced costs.

I woke up from a bad dream this morning in which people were having to dig their own graves. I was with a group who were found guilty of placing the wrong statements on the internet so that they were being taken out to be eliminated.  It woke me up and has stayed with me even to the point of writing it  out.  I am realizing how dangerous many places in the world are regarding freedom of speech and press, and how easily it is to get trapped in some situation from which one cannot extricate oneself. In this case, we had a plan on how to escape the grave that was made for them.

So, on that note I will close. Probably something will come up in the news that will shed some light on that.  I just remembered what it is that this dream could mean. I am referring to a post I read from Vanessa this morning.  That may be what it is about.  Just dawned on me as I had not thought much about it until I reread this.

Vanessa sent that dumb questionnaire about when you may die, and she got a tombstone with her name on it for Oct. 23, 2015.  I did not find it funny or amusing but now I see the link between the dream and the post after all.

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