Yours Truly

Yours Truly
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life Sucks

This is one of those days!  My head seems to be clogged. It may be the weather.  It may be my allergies.  But whatever it is, I wish it would go away.  I think I need to get out so as soon as I write this I will go to see the next location of the mobile home community for 55+ seniors which is way across town from where I live now. I had thought about an apartment downtown which I may attempt before the mobile home community just to see what is available there.

We had rain yesterday and it has cleared but local weather woman has said it could rain again this afternoon.

I hope to go to the races this Saturday for both Santa Anita and Sunland despite the fact that I do not know which horses are entered.  Most likely I will go to an off track betting site rather than the track. I need to get a big win in here asap.

I just had to explore my ideas on paper now.  I won't print this but the general idea is the same.

I hate to have to plan for my next decade but that is what I am doing now. I need to have a home that will not go up in costs year after year.  That is one thing I hate about apartment living.  Rent rates irritate me no end, but lot rents are expensive at some trailer parks too.  But I am still considering a mobile home having found a few this morning on the internet at a site off Cave Creek Road.  Will check it out soon.

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